10 Tips To Improve Self Discipline for Table Tennis!

10 Tips To Improve Self Discipline for Table Tennis!


I listen to and read a lot of articles about Self Improvement and one of the words you probably come across the most is DISCIPLINE. There are so many variations of discipline but if you really want to achieve your goals then it is the most important thing. The problem with most people is that they just aren’t disciplined for long enough and when the results don’t happen immediately then lack of motivation sets in. I’ll give you an example, Jimmy trained really hard and was having his coffee afterwards when he caught sight of a lovely caramel square, he said to himself, ‘I deserve that and it won’t make any real difference today if I eat it’. Jimmy was right but if he doesn’t succumb to temptation for 6 months and sticks to a good training regime and diet then results will start to happen. The key is having the discipline to stick it out!

So, what changes are you going to make in order to reach your Table Tennis goals in 2020?

Here are 5 Mental tips to try out:

1.       Be a competitor! No fear! No respect! Be excited! (You can be respectful before and after the match!)

2.       Focus on each point the same way, same routine

3.       Breathe before each point, move your feet, look positive

4.       Believe in yourself, the hardest wins are the best wins!

5.       Be happy inside your head, relax and enjoy the challenge!

Here are 5 Tactical/Physical tips to try out:

1.       Have a gameplan for every single match

2.       Study your opponent for strengths and weaknesses

3.       Be prepared for competition, no excuse for poor preparation

4.       Play with freedom, feel your strokes flow

5.       Watch the ball and try to win EVERY SINGLE POINT!

I hope you are enjoying the interviews we have done with some top players and coaches and TTFit really appreciate the time and effort taken by these guys. What really comes across to me is the passion that they have for Table Tennis and you can see why they have been so successful. I hope some of you use some of their tips in your upcoming training sessions and matches and then start to feel improvements in your game.


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