5 Tips For Lockdown!

5 Tips For Lockdown!


These are strange times and many of you who are reading this will more than likely be in some sort of ‘Lockdown’.

You have 2 choices, either you do very little and just wait for all this to end or you start to make changes for the better, in life and in Table Tennis.

Winning is a great feeling, it’s infectious, but sacrifices must be made in order to achieve success at any level.

Ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. Can I do more to make myself better?
  2. Do I really push myself to achieve my goals?
  3. Are you as good a player as you think you should be?

Why not treat these times as an opportunity to make changes, go to bed earlier, get up earlier, get fitter, make YOURSELF proud. (Not your coach, not your parents, YOURSELF)

TTFit have some ‘Lockdown’ suggestions:

  • Set daily and weekly goals regarding playing, (if you have a table or a robot) fitness, and nutrition and communicate with a coach or someone you trust.
  • Completely change your morning routine for the better. (You will start to look forward to the mornings!)
  • Watch more Table Tennis, study players with a similar style to yours and take notes.
  • Read articles about the game and it’s best players, how and why did they become great?
  • Journal everything to keep a record of your improvements in fitness, speed and strength.

TTFit can help you with all the above and our Pro version features (only $4 per month) can help you communicate more.

Download TTFit and become one of the few players who can truly say…’I pushed myself to the limit to make myself proud’

Start making changes today!!


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