8 Facts On Jang Woojin

8 Facts On Jang Woojin


Today we are going to focus on one the rising stars of the Men’s game, Jang Woojin.

  • The 23-year-old Korean has shown promise from a very young age and won the ITTF Cadet Challenge in 2012.
  • He then won the World Junior Singles Championships the very next year. Amazing he beat all 3 Chinese team players to win the World Juniors
  • Jang broke into the World’s top 100 at aged 16, made the top 10 in 2019 and is the current # 18 ranked player.
  • His greatest achievement to date is probably becoming the first ever player to win an ITTF Triple Crown (Xu Xin also did it in the 2019 Japan Open) when he won the Singles, Doubles and Mixed at his home country tournament in 2018. What a feeling this must have been for Woojin and even more astounding as he started the event as a qualifier!!
  • The young Korean joined TTF Liebherr Ochsenhausen when only 15 years old and helped them to win the German Cup in 2019 in which they defeated Werder Bremen in the final.
  • Woojin isn’t a massive fan of social media and prefers to relax by watching Table Tennis, baseball and football. He also loves a bit of Karaoke.
  • His toughest opponent is Fan Zhendong but when asked who has the best tactics and style he answered the ‘Goat’ Ma Long.
  • Jang Woojin, along with other superstars like Liam Pitchford and Tomokazu Harimoto is sponsored by Victas who are very specific about having what they call ‘good kids’ in their team. This young player ticks all the right boxes.


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