8 Facts On Patrick Franziska

8 Facts On Patrick Franziska


Today we are going to focus on the exciting 28-year-old German star, Patrick Franziska.

  • Patrick’s first big win was when he captured the Gold in the 2010 European Youth Championships in Istanbul, Turkey. 
  • The young German was regularly coached by the great Timo Boll’s father. Patrick and Timo are now very good friends, on and off the table.
  • He has openly admitted the funniest player in the hall is Thomas Keinath and the hardest worker is Steffen Mengel.
  • Franziska is currently the #16 ranked player in the world, has been in the top 20 for over 2 years and has beaten the likes of Fan Zhendong, Dimitrij Ovtcharov, Jun Mizutani, and Lin Gaoyuan.
  • He has achieved a great deal in the game but perhaps his most notable success was in helping Germany win the European Team Gold in 2019 along with Boll, Ovtcharov, Duda and Filus.
  • Patrick uses an Apolonia ZLC Blade, Tenergy 05-F/H and Dignics 05-B/H
  • He admits he used to lack confidence in himself and used a mental coach in order to help with ‘acceptance’ in certain situations, a great tip for any young aspiring players.
  • Patrick Franziska is one of the good guys in Table Tennis, a player who will battle to the death but a genuinely nice guy off the Table. His favourite word is ‘sehr gerne’ which means ‘fantastic’ is very appropriate!

Also, don’t forget to check out our interview with Patrick!


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