American Superstar Lily Zhang

American Superstar Lily Zhang


Today we are going to focus on the American superstar Lily Zhang.

Lily was born in Redwood, California and is a 5 x National Champion, 1 x Pan America Cup Champion and 1 x Olympic Youth Bronze Medallist.

Here are some snippets and observations we hope you like, our views on her game are opinions and not necessarily fact.

1. Lily took the game up at 7 years old and actually began her journey in the Stanford University Laundry Room, her father was a Professor there!

2. The US Star rose up the World Ranking list while continuing to study Psychology at UC Berkeley, California, and wanted to be an inspiration to student-athletes who can excel at many things! She certainly is!!

3. Her role model and idol is the legendary Zhang Yining.

4. Zhang is an incredibly proud American and always feels a deep honour when representing her country. She is regularly seen with the Star Spangled Banner wrapped around her shoulders at team events to show her loyalty to the USA.

5. Lily has a love for Cats and has 2 of her own!

6. She realises that Table Tennis is not a big Sport in the US but admits that it is growing in popularity, mainly due to the success of herself and Kanak Jha. Her suggestion would be to have a better College Table Tennis pathway as many players drop out at this stage, unlike other sports which have better systems.

7. GAME WEAKNESSES: We feel her touch and receive could be improved, especially on the F/H side. We also think she could look at ways to win the point on 3rd and 5th ball when serving.

8. GAME STRENGTHS: Lily loves to rally and the longer the rally, the more comfortable she looks. She has great spin variation and understands the importance of ball placement. Zhang also has great footwork but one of her greatest strengths is her obvious passion and love for the game!

Please check out some of Lily Zhang’s matches and best points on YouTube, you won’t be disappointed!!

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Allen Robson


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