Antoine Hachard

Antoine Hachard


Today we are thrilled to be sharing with 27-year-old French star Antoine Hachard.

Former top 100 player Antoine, with his incredible, all action gamestyle and athleticism, is truly one of the great entertainers of our brilliant sport.

Antoine was also a member of the 2015 European Bronze Medal Winning French team along with Lebesson, Gauzy, Flore and Ouaiche. What a team

1. Where it all began?

Everything began when I was 7 on a terrace in Paris with my brother 😍

2. Happiest moment on the Table?

Happiest and most difficult at the same time was the final of the French championship 2019 (lost 4-2 against Akkuzu). I had plenty of injuries before this and I managed to put in such a great performance (beating Angles, Flore and Gauzy In front of 2500 spectators). I was really proud of what I did.

3. Most difficult opponent?

The most difficult opponent when I was a kid was probably Ouaiche. (He put every ball back on the table) 

4. Favourite drills?

Only one – Free to backhand

5. Favourite Tournament and why?

French Championships – I think it has an amazing atmosphere and now more and more people are coming to watch so it’s “Huge”. Also, it’s becoming more and more crowded in my club Caen TTC with our last match played in front of over 1000 spectators it was AMAZING!

6. One great tip for any aspiring young players?

Do it with passion!

Thanks to Antoine for doing the interview with us and please check out some of his matches, best points on YouTube.

Interview By Allen Robson


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