Attention all Table Tennis Coaches!! How well do you know your players?

Attention all Table Tennis Coaches!! How well do you know your players?


No matter what level of player you are coaching, whether it’s division 5 of the Church League or the Bundesliga, there is one core skill every good Coach should have, the ability to know their players! In order to maximise the potential of any athlete, it is absolutely essential that their coach knows them on an individual basis as well as a competitor.

The million dollar question however is, do you really know your players? The very best coaches seek to learn as much as they lead and the more information they can gather on a player the more chance you have of building a strong, successful relationship.

The TTFit team feel very strongly that the foundation of any sound program begins with getting to know your players and have designed some features specifically for this:

  • MY COACHING TEAM: Each player can create his/her own coaching team and can share any relevant information with them.
  • PLAYERS I MANAGE: A coach can manage his/her players all in one platform and can save any information they feel they need in order to learn more about them as individuals and competitors.
  • MATCH JOURNALING: Each player can keep a record of all their matches and notes on how to be better next time. They can see all their win/loss stats (MY STATS) and an AREAS OF IMPROVEMENT graph will be created to help them improve quicker.
  • TRAINING NOTES: Each player can keep a record of all their training sessions as many important tips can be lost. What did they do well, not so well, and what needs worked on the most? No session will now be lost to history!
  • SMART COACH: The TTFit App will create bespoke training sessions for each player after they record 4 matches.
  • CUSTOM FIELDS: Each player and coach can create any field they like which they feel are important, eg: Short/long term goals, key opponents, trigger words, etc, etc.
  • VIDEO ANALYSIS: Each player can download a video of their choice and send to their team. This could be some points during a match or even something that makes them laugh!? We feel the coach/player relationship shouldn’t just be about Table Tennis!

If you are serious about being the best coach you can be, then you need to take the appropriate steps to get to know as much about your players as possible. Coaches need to know player personalities, what motivates them, what brings out the best in them, how do they cope with pressure etc, etc? This knowledge then needs to be saved and not lost!!

Download the TTFit App today and go PRO for the PLAYER/COACH PORTAL!!


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