Become a Student of Your Game

Become a Student of Your Game


Become a Student of Your Game.

John wasn’t the best player in the group, but he had this steeliness and self-belief that I always liked. He came to the squad for one reason, to improve his game and wasn’t interested in joking around like some of the other lads. During a break in one of the sessions, one of the other players childishly went through John’s bag and found a notebook that he kept private. ‘Look what we have here’ he announced to the other players, ‘John keeps notes on other players haha, hasn’t helped him so far haha’. John’s reaction surprised me but when I look back it pretty much summed up his character. ‘Yes, I keep notes on other players, in fact I keep notes on training and all my matches as well, to be honest, I don’t really care what you guys think!’ John’s improvement was dramatic, he progressed through the groups and is now one of the best players in the country.

TTFit have done extensive research on the practice of journaling in sport and the main thing we have discovered is that it WORKS. Journaling can help any competitor understand more about their game and learn from any mistakes. All competitors serious about their sport should journal their training/matches and here are 10 TTFit reasons:

  1. Journaling will increase your self-discipline and improve your memory retention which will lead to a quicker mastery of your sport
  2. To self-reflect, this will help you learn what you need to do better in order to improve and get where you want to be
  3. To journal your goals, keep track of your progress in order to reach them. ‘A goal without a plan is just a wish’
  4. Journaling will increase your overall discipline, it is proven that staying disciplined in a habit can improve your discipline in other habits
  5. Learn about your game and your key opponents’ games, analyse strengths and weaknesses and take action
  6. To celebrate and remember your positive experiences, this can help your state of mind when going through a tough period or lack of confidence
  7. You will improve your most potent athletic asset, your MIND
  8. Journaling will help you become more accountable for your performances, winners don’t make excuses
  9. You can share your journals with your coach which will help them understand you and your game more
  10. There are no secrets to success, it’s the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.

You can learn something about yourself and your game after every match, there are no two matches the same and you may not feel the need to journal all of them but sometimes when you sit down, reflect and keep a record of what happened, things become much clearer.

Become a student of your game and of Table Tennis, no match should be forgotten if you really want to be the best player you can be!

Be honest with yourself and dig deep to discover what improvements you need to make in order to be a better match player!

Journaling matches also helps you process your defeats and improves your state of mind. No one likes losing but analysing your match and thinking about what went wrong and how you can do better next time provides a sort of closure.

We don’t claim to have re invented the wheel but many competitors don’t do it! Why not learn from your mistakes, become a better player and never waste a session or a match. Every LOSS can become a LEARN and it can only take a few words!

Here is one of TTFit’s favourite quotes:
‘Your capacity to learn is a gift, your ability to learn is a skill, your willingness to learn, well, that’s your choice’


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