Beware of Table Tennis Burn Out Signs

Beware of Table Tennis Burn Out Signs


The TTFit team have done some research on where young peoples (14 – 18 years) weekly time is spent on average and this might surprise you:

  1. Internet
  2. Texting, phone calls
  3. TV, Movies
  4. Other
  5. Listening to music
  6. Hanging out with friends
  7. Studying
  8. Gaming
  9. SPORT!!
  10. Reading
  11. Another hobby

This shows you just how difficult it is to keep young peoples interest in sport alive and how we must break the norm to keep them.

We now realise on reflection that Table Tennis ‘Burnout’ doesn’t happen overnight and that there are signs that parents and coaches can look out for. Here are 5 possible reasons after some research:

  1. Lack of effort and focus in training and tournaments
  2. Falling out of love with the sport, doesn’t watch or follow anymore, spending more time with other social groups or girl/boyfriend
  3. No longer has any planned short or long term goals
  4. Feels the sport is getting in the way of doing other things they would rather do
  5. Becomes disengaged and distracted in general

There are ways to try and prevent ‘Burnout’, here are 5 top TTFit tips for coaches/parents:

  1. Ensure the players have time off training and enjoy some down time away from Table Tennis
  2. Support the player on and off the table, GET TO KNOW THEM and understand what makes them tick
  3. Try to find ways to make the training interesting and fun, discover new exercises and methods to keep the players motivated
  4. Introduce other fun group activities away from Table Tennis
  5. If, and when you see the lack of motivation signs then talk to the player and give them praise and support, don’t give up on them!

Sometimes there is nothing you can do, and it can be very frustrating seeing opportunities thrown away because of a new girl/boyfriend or social group on the scene for example but the player might just thank you one day if you try!

‘The present is where everything begins’.

Feb 23, 2020

Have you seen these signs?

We want as many players to play table tennis as possible and therefore we hope that some of you will use some of these tips to help keep others involved in this amazing sport.

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