Chinese Philosophy

Chinese Philosophy


The Chinese Philosophy – Every man and his dog know that China rule the Table Tennis world but most people don’t know why!

Here are some facts:

  • There are around 300 million hobby players in China
  • There are around 10 million competitive players in China
  • Table Tennis was declared China’s national sport in the 1950s
  • Reason for this, 1. Cheap. 2 Not much space required. 3. Not overly popular in the West.
  • Never say you are good at Table Tennis when in China as there is usually someone better than you within 10 feet!

Now, imagine just how difficult it would be to break through in this environment, but also how good you must be in order to do so! This, in my opinion is why the Chinese players are so mentally strong as they have to be in order to break free from the pack. The players who become successful are probably the ones who do the small things better than everyone, the ones who never waste a session, the ones who keep notes, believe in themselves and practice with more purpose than the other players. Otherwise, they would all be successful!

Here are some Chinese training philosophies:

  • Players are encouraged to keep notes regarding how they feel about their game and what their short term goals are, sometimes these notes are put on the training hall walls for the Coaches to see.
  • Children under 12 do lots of shadow practice in front of mirrors and are mainly given technical feedback during multi ball training, Coaches rarely applaud results as they want to encourage perfection in technique at this stage.
  • Children over 12 who are still in the system are basically now told that WINNING IS EVERYTHING!
  • The atmosphere can actually be quite laid back as the Coaches know that it is up to each player to show them how much they want to succeed and any player with the wrong attitude will be out!
  • Players are encouraged to hit with their legs and use body rotation rather than arm movements so hours and hours of off the Table exercises are designed for this.

Some interesting talking points for you all…

I for one love the fact that all Chinese players are encouraged to take notes regarding all their training and matches and this is something that is done rarely, why? Basically just laziness! This is something that we at TTFit will continually re enforce and hopefully the upcoming Journaling section and intelligent coaching in our App will encourage you to do so. Please stay tune as this feature is coming in the next few weeks! 


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