Darius Movileanu

Darius Movileanu


Today we are delighted to share an interview with one of Table Tennis’s rising stars Darius Movileanu.

The Romanian can look back on a brilliant 2019 when he won the World Cadet Challenge and the European Youth Singles titles.

The future is bright for this hard-working young player and we look forward to following his progress in our beautiful game

1. Where it all began?

It began when I started to play with my father at 7 years old. He told me I was talented and encouraged me to practice more.

2. Happiest moment on the Table?

My happiest moment was when I won the World Cadet Challenge in 2019. I was 3-0 down in the final but I gained more focus after the 4th set and then the faith returned!

3. Most difficult opponent?

My most difficult opponent is Iulian Chirita as we know each other’s games so well and he is also a great player.

4. Hardest trainer?

I would have to say myself and Eduard Ionescu.

5. Favourite 2 drills?

Favourite drills are 3 Pts F/H and 2 x B/H 2 x F/H.

6. Favourite sportsperson outside TT and why?

Favourite sportsperson outside TT is Cristiano Ronaldo because of his work ethic and the fact that he never gives up.

7. Favourite Tournament and why?

Favourite tournament is the European Championships because I feel very good to be playing in such a great event and it’s also great to be able to see the other players levels.

8. One great tip for any young aspiring players?

My tip is to work hard every single session because this is the most important thing in Table Tennis. Train as hard as you possibly can!

Many thanks Darius, a bright future ahead of you!

Interview By Allen Robson


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