How to plan to reach your peak performance during the season

How to plan to reach your peak performance during the season


Reaching your peak performance for the most important events is on everyone’s agenda but most players don’t plan their season accordingly.

It is impossible to remain at your “peaked” performance level for sustained duration’s due to factors such as fatigue both physically and mentally.

We have written a simple plan which can be scaled up or down in time in order for you to reach your peak performance at the right time. We also have created a simple graphic in which you can refer back to.

Use the graphic below based on a 12 month programme duration:

Step 1:

Identify the most important time to peak. For most people this may be a local tournament, National Championships, Europeans or World Championships.

Step 2:

Building Period. When you have decided your peak events you must tailor your training and gym around it. For example: If the Nationals were to be held in July, you should identify the ‘Building’ period. This period is where you work hard on your fitness, speed, agility and less time on technical aspects of your game most of all.

Based on a 12-month plan, this would be roughly 11 months prior.

During this period your weekly programme could be made up of roughly 50% Table Time, 50% Gym Time and 0% Tournaments

Step 3:

Consolidation Period. This period would be around 2 months into your 12 months programme. During this period of your programme you should be looking to consolidate your game, focus on building small segments of your match play whilst having already commenced your tournament season.

This may include focussing on your service and receive and utilising your improved confidence in these shots during tournaments and leagues. 

During this period your weekly programme should be made up of roughly 50% Table Time, 25% Gym Time and 25% Tournaments/Matches 

Step 4:

Stabilisation Period. By this stage, the groundwork of your programme should be well established and you should begin to feel and see stabilised results and improvements in your game both in practice and in tournaments/Matches. 

During this period your weekly programme should be made up of roughly 65% Table Time, 10% Gym Time and 25% Tournaments/Matches.

Step 5: Peak Performance.

By this stage of your 12 month plan you should be in the best possible shape for your peak event.

Step 6: Rest/Decline in training and competition

It is very important to take rest after your peak event. Training hard can bring about a lot of stress, emotion and pain therefore it’s equally as important to let your body and mind recover in an almost sporting detox kind of way.

Important Note:

All of the above is based on a 12 month plan, however it is possible to have smaller bitesize peak plans also. You can simply:

  • Apply the above method
  • Change the duration as shown above
  • work out your plan based on your desired peak moment

Can this be implemented into your TTFit Profile? Yes, when you are a Pro member you can access your “Coaching Team” area where you can set custom fields, for example, build your 12-month program with your coach so you peak at the correct times.


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