Arnaud Genin

Arnaud Genin


TTFit are thrilled to share an interview with the #2 Racketlon player in the World, Arnaud Genin.

Racketlon is the ultimate Racquet Sport test as you play Table Tennis, Badminton, Squash, and Tennis in that order.

Each match is first to 21 points and the winner is decided by the player with the most total points.

Arnaud practices his Table Tennis alongside the well known Lebrun’s in the Montpellier Club and regularly uses the TTFit App.

1. We understand you only took up Racketlon a few years ago and yet in such a short space have reached the #2 ranking in the World, incredible! Who or what inspired you to play Racketlon and why?

I  began playing Racketlon in early 2018, but my first steps were in 2013. My former international badminton level naturally led me to Racketlon and I also knew that I was strong in the other 3 sports. I also used to prepare my badminton season with squash and sometimes tennis (to keep almost the same footwork and fitness, but with other sports), so I already had quite an interesting level.

2. Can you discuss a normal weeks training for you?

A normal week is around 8 training sessions, more or less 2 for each sport, but it can vary depending on tournaments. I mostly train table tennis (3 times a week) which is my weakest sport, and squash (3 times too) which is my second best sport after badminton.

3. What does your Table Tennis Coach Olivier mainly focus on in training?

Olivier alias “papa” 😉 was a major factor behind my good results last year. I know, and my opponents too, that if I win many points in table tennis, it’s gonna be hard for them to defeat me. So he makes me play an aggressive game, with a short serve, a safe first topspin and a flat shot. And when I return, we mostly work on a short return or an aggressive long return with under or topspin.

4. Your overall Coach is your brother Cédric, what are his attributes as a Coach?

I could not get such good results without Cédric, for sure ! He knows the International Circuit better than anyone and can give me tips on all the players as he understands their strengths and weaknesses. He coaches me when he’s here, and when he’s not and we always talk about the tactics before my matches. He fills me with confidence!

5. How do you prepare mentally before each game?

The most difficult part is to separate mentally and physically the 4 sports. I mean, it’s definitely not enough to use my badminton skills in the 3 other sports. I have to learn all about the other sports, as new ones, not as badminton links. So I use mental processes, same as skiers before their ski slope, to get my mind and my muscles ready.

6. What are your challenges in order to dethrone the World # 1 player Morten Jaksland?

Ahah, good question ! I for sure have to be better than him, and I’m actually not. His strongest sport is tennis, mine is badminton. We both know it’s always gonna be even after these 2 sports. So I have to improve table tennis and squash to defeat him.

7. Can you talk about how you felt after winning a Bronze Medal in your first World Championships in Leipzig?

Really huge feeling, awesome ! If I was told that I would one day get a medal in a World Championship… It was my goal, and I reached it. I was seeded n°4, got a good draw, and played well, so I guess everything was ready to bring it back home !

8. If you could choose one Table Tennis player to watch, who would it be and why?

I really like Tomokazu Harimoto. Not especially because he’s young, but because he hits the ball very quick after the rebound. I like the way he wins points by outrunning his opponents. It’s a very smart way to play.

9. How physically fit do you need to be for top level Racketlon?

Racketlon is mostly about technique and tactic, so I don’t have any specific fitness training. Playing 4 sports is already a global way to be fit, because muscles used are not the same from one sport to another.

10. Finally, what about Racketlon brings you the most joy?

I have 2. I love the way we won the silver medal on the World Championship doubles with Cédric on May 2019. It was unexpected ! But, we both played our best 4 sports at the same time, which is almost impossible. It was the least I could do to thank him for everything he’s brought me during my career.

And my bronze medal in the World Championship for sure, which is an achievement for my hard training and everything I did.

It’s been a pleasure to interview Arnaud and nice to get a great insight into Racketlon at a professional level. We thank you for your time and glad the TTFit App has helped you with your training and given you inspiration for new drills and sessions whilst journaling your matches!


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