Felix Lebrun

Felix Lebrun


We are so excited to be publishing an interview with recent European Youth Top 10 winner, Felix Lebrun.

The young French star trains in the well renowned Montpellier Club and is part of a famous Table Tennis family with his father Stephane a top coach and his brother Alexis another superstar in the waiting.

Congratulations and thanks to Felix for sharing some insight into his training regime, thoughts on his game and much more.

1. Firstly, congratulations on your fantastic victory in the European Youth Top 10 event, can you describe your emotions during and after the Tournament?

Thank you! Yes, there was a lot of emotion during my last 2 matches as the penultimate one finished 13/11 in the 5th and so I knew that if I won the last match I would win the competition! After the Tournament I received lots of complimentary messages which made the emotion so present.

2. You are one of the few successful young penhold players, who or what inspired you to play this style?

When I was young there was a French Division 1  player called Chen Jian who  trained in Montpellier. When I went to the gym with my father I often saw him train and wanted to play like him! I continued to play this way and really enjoyed it, so this became my style.

3. You have incredible touch and feeling on the ball, can you tell us more about your practice methods or is this just sheer talent?

  I train a lot, around 20 hours a week. I try to do my best to keep improving.

4.  What do you think are your 2 best attributes as a player?

 I think my strong point is the B/H and the serve but I still have to improve my F/H a lot.

5. If you could choose one player to watch from the past or present, who would it be and why?

There are 2 players that I admire enormously. The first is Jan-Ove Waldner because when he plays I have the impression that everything is easy, the second is Wang Hao because it is his style of play that I would like to have the most.

6. What are your favourite 2 drills?

My 2 favourite exercises are, B/H middle & reverse F/H and top spin v top spin. I find both these exercises useful and fun!

7. What are your short and long term goals in Table Tennis?

My short term goal is to win the European Cadet Championships next year and to then to try and qualify for the French Senior Championships.

8. Finally, can you give 2 tips to any young aspiring Table Tennis players out there?

My 2 most important tips are firstly to have a lot of fun playing and secondly to try and listen to the coaches as much as possible.

Thanks Felix and congratulations again on your brilliant performance in the Top 10 event!! Allezzz!!

Interview By Allen Robson


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