Garry Cahill

Garry Cahill


TTFit love Sport in general and enjoy gaining knowledge from Elite Coaches in their respective fields.

We are delighted to share an interview with Tennis expert Garry Cahill which we hope you find interesting.

Garry was The High-Performance Director for Tennis Ireland for thirteen years from 2006-2019, during this time he was instrumental in the development of Ireland’s National Tennis Centre. He captained successful campaigns as Irish Davis Cup Captain from 2001-2005 and Irish Federation Captain from 1997-2001. 

Garry has the unique experience of working with numerous athletes from the early stages of development to junior grand slam level and from junior grand slam to pro Grand Slam level. He is currently working with professional players on the pro tour including one player in the WTA top 100. Garry also holds a Dip in Leadership, Dip in Executive Coaching, and is currently completing an MSc in Business Managemen

1. How would you describe your coaching style? 

Mmmm would say constantly evolving. More co-operative than before and perhaps I’m taking more of a back seat and letting the athlete drive the bus!

2. How do you get the best out of your players?

It’s my job to get them to get the best from themselves !! I tend to guide them, educate them and step in when needed! 

3. You are good friends with the current Aussie National Table Tennis Coach John Murphy, can you discuss anything you have learnt from him?

He’s is passionate, knowledgeable and one of the good guys in sport. Loss to Irish sport like many others. 

4. Do you enjoy working in the WTA environment, and have you had any interesting experiences? 

Yes I enjoy it, mmmm, interesting is the every day learning, also that it is possible to work in this environment if you have drive. 

5. What qualities do you look for in a player?





6. Do you think attitude is a factor in winning?

Yes of course, it’s more about refusing to lose, than wanting to win. Everybody wants to win.

7. What has been the coaching highlight of your career?

Davis cup Captain ! Loved every second. Also, now that I see Sharapova retire today, in Wimbledon two years ago when my player beat her. 

8. What is the most rewarding part of being a coach?

Watching players grow and succeed. Actually not just winning, but developing as people.

9. Which obstacles have you faced, what did you do, and what did you learn? 

In Ireland finances in sport 

I tried to do what I could instead of focusing on it 

Learned to be resourceful 

10. Which one word describes you?


Thanks very much Gary for taking the time to do this interview with TTFit, great to get an insight into another sporting world 👊


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