Patrick Franziska

Patrick Franziska


TTFit are thrilled to be sharing an interview with German legend Patrick Franziska who is currently World No.16 reaching his highest ranking of 13 in November 2018.

Our team at TTFit have been a great fan of Patrick and have enjoyed following his epic career. A highlight for us was his monster match against Xu Xin in the Australian Open 2019 – If you haven’t watched this match click the link in this article!

Here are 8 questions with Patrick!

1. Who were your inspirations when you were growing up and why?

In Table Tennis it was Timo Boll because we grew up in the same area and had the same coach. Otherwise I’ve always enjoyed watching Roger Federer.

2. Which Coaching style brings out the best on you?

I like a calm and open coaching style. It’s important for me to get a honest feedback.

3. Your game style is very exciting and great to watch, was there a player who you based your game on and do you watch a lot of Table Tennis?

No I didn’t base my game on anyone. I’ve watched a lot when I was young and I’ve always enjoyed the calmness of Timo and the backhand of Kreanga. Maybe that’s why my backhand got a little bit better over the last years 🙂

4. Your ranking history is incredible and you have now been a top 20 player for 2 years, what attributes does a top 20 player have over lower ranked players in your opinion?

It’s important to always practice with a good focus and be physically very fit to not get injured too fast. You need to have a good service receive game and be quite equal from backhand and forehand side.

5. Your match against Xu Xin in the 2019 Australian Open was an absolute classic, can you discuss what it was like to play in such an amazing battle?

It was one of my best matches I’ve ever played. Of course I was disappointed because I had a good chance to finally beat him but after some days I was very proud of this match. It’s just a lot of fun when both players are playing on their limit. The atmosphere in the hall was amazing as well. These matches are the reason why we love the sport and go to the practice hall almost every single day 🙂

6. If you could choose one player to watch, who would it be and why?

I would chose Xu Xin at the Moment,it just looks so easy and creative.

7. What are your 2 favourite drills?

I like to play footwork with forehand in the beginning of the practice. Otherwise I enjoy to do a lot Service Receive exercises

8. Can you give 2 tips to any young aspiring Table Tennis players out there?

The most important for me was to go out there and try to have fun. Just enjoy and don’t be too hard to yourself. And of course you need goals and inspiration. I’ve always told me friends when I was around 6 years old that I want to become a professional Table tennis player 🙂

We would like to thank Partick for taking the time to do our interview and truly appreciate his time! Wishing him all the best in the coming year!

Interview By Allen Robson


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