Peter Sartz


1. How would you describe your Coaching style?

Every player is different, so I look at each individual players game and then decide what strategies we need to practice.

2. What type of players do best with your Coaching methods?

Simple, players that want to LEARN!

3. What characteristics do you look for in a player?

I look to see how they move to the ball, how they touch the ball and their placement.

The most important thing is to see how they are in the hall.

4. What mental tools do you give your players to cope with pressure?

To stay in the process, to do the right things after what we decide beforehand.

Don’t focus on results.

5. We love your quote.. ‘The Boring Things Give The Best Results’….what did you mean by this?

Much of what we do is repetition, you must do it with discipline but still have fun when you practice.

Like service practice or receive practice.

6. You famously Coached the legendary Michael Maze and helped him achieve a Mens Doubles Olympic Bronze and a Mens Singles Worlds Bronze, what was Michael like to work with and what were his strengths?

Maze is an unbelievably interesting person, and he put 100% effort into everything he did with me.

He wanted to learn everything as soon as possible.

He had an ability to learn things quickly but maybe a problem was he wanted to repeat everything so many times!

It takes a long time to practice things that are required in difficult situations.

7. You also work with one of the upcoming superstars, Truls Moregard, what sets him apart from the rest in your opinion?

How he reads the game and moves to the ball and how he practices the same way he plays matches.

8. If you could choose one player to Coach, who would it be and why?

Samsonov, because he can still do things better! (if he was younger, perhaps)

9. What are your favourite 2 Table drills?

Free irregular on 70% from B/H corner, you change B/H/F/H topspin close to table.

Start with service and receive on same place. (make 1-2 B/H and 1-2 F/H with irregular changing from B/H and F/H topspin.

10. Finally, what are you doing to keep yourself busy during these crazy times?

I try to do some fitness exercises, watch some movies and staying with the family.

Thanks very much Peter for taking the time to do this interview with TTFit, in our eyes you are a true legend to the game 👊


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