Quadri Aruna

Quadri Aruna


We are absolutely thrilled to be sharing an interview today with the exciting Nigerian superstar Quadri Aruna!

Quadri is currently ranked #20 in the Men’s World Rankings, has been as high as #18, and is Africa’s highest ranked player!

Aruna is particularly well known for his ‘Powerhouse’ F/H,  and we were delighted to gain some insight into his thoughts and some of his training methods.

Here are 10 questions with Quadri!

1. Who were your inspirations when you were growing up and why?

So many players from Nigeria inspired me when I was growing up and I just learnt so much from them!

2. How often did you train when you were younger and did you always enjoy it?

When I was younger I practiced around 4 or 5 hours every day, as well as some intense physical training.

3. Your fierce F/H is legendary, can you discuss how you developed this exciting gamestyle?

Thanks! My F/H is my ‘Powerhouse’, and I make it better by practicing many exercises with only F/H. This gives me the necessary repetitions to keep improving one of my main strengths.

4. You broke into the World’s Top 30 in 2015, what attributes are needed to achieve this in your opinion?

I was very lucky to have our former Federation President as my biggest sponsor 5 years ago. This took the pressure off me financially, and enabled me to work harder in training. I was also able to play more Tournaments which helped me improve quicker.

5. Do you do anything differently on the big points, e.g. 9/9, 9/10?

This would depend on who my opponent is, and at 9/9, 10/10 sometimes luck can play a big part. However, at this crucial stage, I try to use my weapon as much as possible.

6. Do you regard yourself as more of a talented or dedicated player?

Of course I have the talent, but maybe not as much as some of the other players. I am a very stubborn player who believes that nothing is impossible if you work hard enough!

7. What are your 2 favourite drills?

2 F/H exercises!! 1,2,3 all F/H, and 2,2.

8. You are an extremely physical player, what exercises do you focus on off the Table?

These days I still run a lot to stay fit but as matches have already started I don’t really do much physical stuff. When there are no matches, I work mostly on my legs and back.

9. What gives you the most joy from your profession in Table Tennis?

The most joy I have had as a professional Table Tennis player was when I reached the ¼ finals of the Olympics!

10. Can you give 2 tips to any young aspiring Table Tennis players out there?

Self-confidence, hard work and discipline are the most important things for any player wanting to succeed!

Many thanks to Quadri for taking the time for our interview and looking forward to seeing you resume the ITTF pro circuit – wishing you all the best for the rest of the season!

Interview By Allen Robson


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