Jason Sugrue

Jason Sugrue


Today we are delighted to be sharing an interview with Greenhouse Sports Centre Head Coach Jason Sugrue.

Jason who himself won 10 x Premier League titles has produced players with over 20 National Titles between them and has been involved in the development of all England Youth players across the South of England.

1. If you could choose one current player to coach, who would it be and why?

Great question, Wang Chuqin I’d say. He is youngish, already super experienced and has a tremendous game to still improve on.

2. One F/H Topspin coaching tip?

It’s all about touch and contact, work on developing that contact point that as soon as you touch the ball you know your opponent is in trouble. I call it the YES on the ball.

3. Favourite 2 drills?

1: FH from the middle and then either corner.
2: BH – M – BH – Wide

4. Hardest worker?

I’ve coached and worked with lots of players of different generations. Daniel Basterfield had the best work ethic I’ve ever seen followed by Tin Tin Ho

5. Most talented player?

Talent is a word I don’t really like but in terms of flow and natural looking it would be former World #5 Oh Sang-eun from South Korea.

6. One great tip to any young aspiring players? 

You must celebrate success as much as you want to improve, it’s much easier to improve while playing happy! Love the game and it will love you back.

Thank you Jason for taking the time and wishing you all the best with your work at Greenhouse Sports Centre.

Interview By Allen Robson


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