Kay Stumper


We are thrilled to share an interview with another one of the rising stars in our great game, Kay Stumper.

This exciting young German recently defeated Polish player Samuel Kulczycki to win the Junior Boys Title at the EYC in Croatia.
Table Tennis is in his blood as his father Rudolf was a top player in the Bundesliga during the 1980s and his mother Bao Di was a successful Chinese athlete.

Congratulations on your recent victory in the Junior Boys Singles at the EYC in Croatia, can you discuss your emotions when you won the final point?

Thanks for the congrats! I was very very happy after the last point but at the same time I was very relieved as the Tournament was extremely tough!

Can you describe your father Rudolf’s coaching style and how he got the best out of you?

My father brought me into Table Tennis so he of course he knows me the best. He doesn’t really give me much advice anymore, just some small tips here and there.

Can you tell us what a normal weeks training looks like?

I practice twice a day from Monday – Friday as well as 2 physical sessions per week. The weekends consist mainly of matches.

What do you consider are your 2 best attributes as a player/competitor?

 I would say my Serve and Backhand.

You are the first German winner since Patrick Franziska in 2010, what are your goals for the next 4 years?

My goals are to play well in the Senior events and to improve as much as I possibly can. I also would like to help Germany continue to be one of the top Nations in World Table Tennis.

What are your favourite 2 drills/exercises?

 I don’t really have any favourite drills but enjoy practicing serves and doing lots of multi ball.

Finally, can you give 2 tips to any young aspiring players trying to make it in the game?

My tip would be to continue playing and practicing hard even when it feels tough or difficult as it always pays off in the end.

We recommend you check out some of his best points and matches on YouTube and wish Kay all the best in his future career in the Seniors.

Interview By Allen Robson


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