Liu Shiwen


Liu Shiwen is the current # 5 ranked woman player in the world but was consistently ranked # 1 or # 2 in the ITTF Women’s rankings from early 2012 to late 2016.

TTFit have done some research on this great player which we hope you find interesting:

1- Liu won her first World Junior Team Gold Medal when only 13 years old!

2- Some of her best achievements are as follows:

SINGLES: 5 X World Cup Champion 1 X World Champion 2019, Runner Up 2013 & 2015

DOUBLES: World Junior Champion 2004, World Champion 2015, 2017, Runner Up 2013

3- She uses a Butterfly Liu Shiwen Blade, and Hurricane 3, 2.1mm on both sides.

4- Liu was inspired by her mother to take the game up and is well known for her work ethics and dedication. She has openly admitted her day consists of TRAINING, EATING, SLEEPING, and she trains every day!

5- When Liu was younger she used to be affected by the environment she was in, and by any negative comments made by her peers. However, with the help of her coach Ma Lin she has learnt to focus only on herself when training and competing.

6- She said in 2018, ‘The process towards achieving your goal and being able to go beyond yourself is joyful’. Liu went on to become World Champion for the first time in 2019! She admits that training as hard as possible is the best way to improve your confidence and belief to win in the crucial moments.

7- Shiwen nearly quit Table Tennis when becoming disillusioned with the game after the 2017 World Championships. However with the help of Liu Guoliang, Li Sun and Ma Lin she regained her focus, rhythm and physical condition to peak for Budapest in 2019.

8- Liu was so disappointed to be only selected as a reserve in the 2012 London Olympics she cried when in the shower every night, the reason being, she didn’t want her teammates to hear her!

9- One of her most memorable and controversial matches was against Ding Ning in the World Championships Semi Final in 2015. Liu led 2-0 in the 7th and deciding set when Ding went down with an ankle injury and took a 10 minute injury timeout, Liu struggled to handle the situation and eventually lost the set 11-8, and hence, the match. Some of Liu fan’s accused Ding of gamesmanship and perhaps even Liu herself as when they met in the 2019 World Semi Final She NILLED Ding in the 5th set, something unheard of between Chinese teammates! Liu won the match 4/2 and went on to win the title.

10- Shiwen is a legend of the game, has come through tough times and adversity but has earned her success through sheer hard work and determination. She openly admits to never being happy, even a bit of a perfectionist and is always looking for ways to improve, even after great victories.

What a great role model for any aspiring young players out there!

Please check out some of her great matches/points on YouTube and you will learn why she is regarded as one of the fastest players in the world!




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