Molnar Open – The Tournament Made in Heaven

Molnar Open – The Tournament Made in Heaven


Molnar Open – The Tournament Made in Heaven

Janus Molnar was the Hungarian Cadet Table Tennis Champion and probably had aspirations in becoming one of the best players in the world in the future. Tragically, whilst on route to a Junior Tournament the car he was travelling in violently swerved off course and into a tree, Janus and his mother were killed instantly.

His Club members at BVSC were devastated but they decided to put all their energy into organising a Tournament in their memory. The Tournament is an all boy event and has now become one of the most prestigious in the European Junior Boy calendar, this week will be its 25th year!

Myself, Gervis Knox and John Murphy along with some junior players made the journey to Budapest last year and the whole experience was just incredible. Gervis and John had been before and told me just how special it was but words don’t do it justice!

The halls are old but are steeped with history, huge posters of legendary players on the walls and some photos of Janus bring perspective to the event. The Tournament is also one of the most efficient and organised competitions I have ever been to.

Then, after all the action we had the prize ceremony, this was nothing like I have ever experienced before. Everyone is given a candle, the lights are turned out and the music comes on, it was incredibly emotional.

The Molnar Open is just so special, is Sport at its best and everyone at the BVSC club in Budapest should be extremely proud, Janus and his mother must have been looking over them for the last 25 years!

By Allen Robson TTFit Journalist

Feb 07, 2020

This is an incredible tournament

We highly recommend it. Have any of our TTFit users been?

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