Ping Pong Magic

Ping Pong Magic


TTFit had two players representing our brand at the World Championships of Ping Pong in Paul McCreery and 14-year-old Jonathan Mooney and we were extremely proud of both of them. Johnny was in a very tough group but did himself justice and Paul will probably be disappointed to have lost in the ¼ finals to Gavin (Rumdog) Rumgay after having match points. Paul is a real pro, his preparation for this Tournament was meticulous and make no mistake he will come back stronger and better!

I was in the David Lloyd changing rooms on Monday morning when a member shouted over ‘I watched that Ping Pong last night, incredible!!’. Before I could answer a smart ass Tennis member interjected ‘They get very offended when you call it Ping Pong, its called Table Tennis!’. As I went into this rigmarole of explaining the difference between the two games something occurred to me, this is actually a very common perception. The member in question wasn’t really that interested in what I had to say so I couldn’t resist a parting retort ‘You sorted out that ready position yet after 5 years of lessons?!’

Here’s the question, why does Table Tennis not get the respect it deserves? Here are 5 TTFit reasons:

  1. Players have a false sense of mastery as it’s pretty easy for beginners to rally
  2. Most people have rarely seen top-level Table Tennis or Ping Pong played
  3. Tables can be moved about and it’s associated with garages, the back of leisure centre storerooms and holidays!
  4. The media usually only write about stories about 80-year-olds playing teenagers!
  5. We probably don’t shout about our great sports enough!!

There are many more and it frustrates us at times but TTFit will continue to do all we can to make more people aware of what Table Tennis and Ping Pong really are and I hope any of you reading this will do the same. These two sports should get the respect they truly deserve!


What can you say about this years Tournament!? Amazing, breath-taking, jaw-dropping, we could go on forever.

Here are 10 points we took from this year’s spectacle:

  1. This was the most exciting year yet, full of excitement and drama
  2. Barry Hearn knows how to put on a show
  3. The general level of play has never been higher
  4. Whoever thought about the sudden death 14-14 point and the double point ball is a genius
  5. Andrew Baggaley does a lot of squat training
  6. Gavin Rumgay is the ‘Big Point Champion’
  7. Gavin Rumgay has less than 7% body fat and is quite confident
  8. ‘The Flash’ Fleming has improved his B/H
  9. Gavin Maguire enjoys a crowd
  10. The final was the best Ping Pong match ever played and fittingly ended on a one-point decider!!