Ruwen Filus ‘Modern Day’ Chopper

Ruwen Filus ‘Modern Day’ Chopper


Last week, Ruwen Filus proved that a ‘modern day’ chopper can be successful at the very top of world Table Tennis. 

The 33 year old German star, who is currently ranked # 42 in the world rankings defeated Nuytinck, Jang, Mizutani, Lin and Jorgic before losing to Japanese superstar Tomokazu Harimoto in a high class final.

A few of our take aways:

  1. His strategy was to be aggressive and to defend only when necessary, looking to attack off both wings when the opportunity arose
  2. Although Filus twiddles regularly, he receives mainly with the pips on the B/H, the key are his subtle variations to confuse opponents 
  3. The German’s serve is also mainly B/H but again with variety and different spins and length, always understanding which receive he will most likely get to set him up for the 3rd ball

Filus, while disappointed not to win the Tournament should be incredibly proud of his week’s work and his performances will give encouragement to all the Choppers out there. Variety, aggression in defence and attack, positive attitude and sheer hard work has paid off for the popular German!


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