Sarah De Nutte

Sarah De Nutte


Today we are thrilled to be sharing an interview with the charming Sarah De Nutte.

The 28-year-old Luxembourg star has a truly exciting game style and is currently ranked #76 with a career high of #57.

Sarah has enjoyed many achievements in the game with the European Bronze Doubles medal perhaps top of the list and can look back fondly on wins over players like Zhou Yihan (highest ranking #28) and Seok Hajung (highest ranking #12)

1. Where it all began?

I started Table Tennis when I was 8 or 9 years old as a result of my parents and older siblings who all played. My brother played for a little longer than my sister but both gave the game up and so it ended up being just me and my father who continued to play.

2. Happiest moment on the Table?

I have 2! The first one was when I won the European Doubles Bronze Medal with Ni Xia Lian. Secondly, when playing for the National Team alongside Ni Xia Lian and Danielle Konsbruck in the World Championships in Kuala Lumpur in 2016, when we defeated Slovenia to get promoted to the first division, this was a really happy moment for all of us.

3. Most difficult opponent?

I have played against many of the Chinese National team members including Ding Ning, Zhu Yuling, and Chen Meng in Doubles but if I had to choose one it would be the Chinese defender Wu Yang. I played her in the first round of 2015 World Championships in China when she was world # 7 and lost 4/0, not a very nice experience, especially with a Chinese crowd lol.

4. Favourite 2 drills

My first one is 2 Backhand 1 Forehand middle, 2 Backhand 1 Forehand wide as I always feel good after doing this exercise. Secondly, I would have to say Serve – Free as this is the exercise most similar to a match.

5. Favourite Tournament and why?

This would probably be the World Team Championships as it’s the biggest Tournament and there are so many players from so many different countries. Also, this Tournament could be played anywhere in the world, lasts for more than one week and the atmosphere is incredible.

6. One great tip for any aspiring young players?

My advice for young players would be to truly believe in yourself, this is easier said than done but is just really important. Also, to not let other people’s opinions affect your own career pathway.

Thanks so much to Sarah for doing the interview with us and please check out some of her best points/matches on YouTube.

Interview By Allen Robson


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