Superb German Chopper Ruwen Filus

Superb German Chopper Ruwen Filus


Today we are going to focus on the superb German Chopper Ruwen Filus.

Ruwen is 32 years old, plays for TTC RhonSprudel and is one of the most exciting players in world Table Tennis, here are 8 snippets we hope you find interesting:

  • Filus is a modern day chopper, he uses long pips on the B/H and attacks and fishes on the F/H. His style is very individual and unique as he also can twiddle and attack on the B/H side as well.
  • His first big success was in winning the European Youth Singles and team title with Germany in 2003.
  • Ruwen was a member of the German team who won a silver medal in the team event at the World Championships in Dusseldorf in 2017. His other teammates were Ovtcharov, Boll, Franziska and Steger, some team!
  • His world ranking history is very impressive as he has been around the top 100 for 10 years, has a high of 18 and is currently # 42.
  • His main ‘chopper’ rivals are the legendary Joo Se Hyuk, Gionis Panagiotis, Wang Xi, and the incredible Hou Yingchao who recently won the Chinese Nationals. Please check out these phenomenal players when you can!
  • Filus uses a Butterfly Joo Sae Hyuk blade, Tenergy 05 Hard on the F/H and Feint long 111 on the B/H side.
  • We have studied his game in detail and have come to the conclusion that he attacks 60 – 70% of the time and really only defends far back when he is forced. He has admitted that the Feint Long 111 is most effective when he is closer to the table. Hence his movement and F/H are two of his main strengths.
  • Ruwen Filus is one of the most popular players not only in Germany but the whole world and is well known for being an unbelievably nice guy as well as one of most formidable competitors around. Please check out some of his best points and matches on YouTube.


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