Swedish Wonderkid Truls Moregard

Swedish Wonderkid Truls Moregard


Today we are going to focus on the Swedish Wonderkid Truls Moregard.

The 18 year old superstar in currently the # 104 World ranked player but has been as high as 81.

Here are some snippets on this exciting young player we hope you find interesting.

1. Truls was the runner up in the Under 15 European Youth Championships in 2016 before winning the Under 18 title in Ostrava last year!

2. Moregard’s first major breakthrough came when he reached the Final of the 2015 World Cadet Challenge, in which he was also voted the most valuable player. Then, in the 2017 World Junior Championships when despite being only the # 17 seed, he became the first European player to reach the final since 2008, defeating another rising star, Kanak Jha, along the way!

3. In 2018 he became the first Swedish player to win the Junior Boys Singles Title at a Swedish World Junior Circuit Tournament and at 15 years old is the youngest player ever to compete in the Champions League.

4. In 2019, and within a space of 11 incredible days, he retained his Swedish Junior Title, won the Elite Class at Safir, and then amazingly won the Swedish National Title, defeating Mattias Falck and Kristian Karlsson along the way, unbelievable!!

5. He was a member of the Swedish team along with Falck, Karlsson and Jon Persson who won a Bronze medal in the World Team Championships in 2018 in Sweden.

6. Truls’s idols in Table Tennis are the German star Timo Boll and the legendary Jan Ove Waldner who’s style he based his own game on. His hero and inspiration is his Dad who introduced him to the game and trained him in his early days along with his brother who is also a top player in Sweden.

7. Moregard is obviously recognised for his talent and dedication, but he also turns heads with his unorthodox grip! Truls grips his Racquet in a lower position than most other players and also rests his thumb on the handle of the Racquet, and not the rubber! This may be the reason for his wrist flexibility and already renowned B/H punch shot!

8. Moregard, along with many other Table Tennis players, favourite other Sport is Tennis, he especially admires the great Roger Federer.

9. The Swedish magician has developed a cult following and his ‘Hercules Victory Pose’ is now becoming famous and shows his outgoing personality!

10. The future is bright for this Swedish kid. He has already achieved so much and has defeated the likes of Pistej, Jorgic, Apolonia, Falck and Harimoto, so look out, Hercules is coming!!

Please check out some of Truls’s best points and matches on YouTube, and check out his grip!!

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Allen Robson


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