The GOAT,  Ma Long.

The GOAT, Ma Long.


Today we are turning our attention to the one and only, the GOAT,  Ma Long.

Here are 10 snippets on this true legend of Table Tennis:

  1. One of his nicknames is ‘The Dragon’. The reason is that he and both his parents were born in the year of the dragon.
  1. Long started his Table Tennis journey at the age of 5 and entered the Chinese National at the age of 15.
  1. From 2010 – 2012 he won an incredible 51 consecutive international matches over a period of 560 days! Incredible!
  1. ‘The Dictator’ has amazingly won 5 International Tournaments without dropping a single set, Swedish Open 2011, World Championships 2012, World Team Classic 2013 and the World Team Championships in 2014 & 2016!
  1. ‘The Dragon’ has held the World # 1 ranking for 64 months, 34 of which were consecutive, the most by any player in Table Tennis history!
  1. He is the 5th male player to complete the coveted Grand Slam (Waldner, Guoliang, Linghui, Zhang Jike were the other 4) but he is the first male to win EVERY SINGLES TITLE IN WORLD TABLE TENNIS!!
  1. He has won an incredible, combined, 23 Gold medals in the Olympic Games, World Championships and the World Cup!
  1. Long didn’t really enjoy ‘choing’ as a young player and his Coach in Anshan had to force him to do it!
  1. ‘As an athlete, no matter how the Coaches and others help you, when you stand on the court, you are alone’. ‘For the one on one match, you have to count on yourself. Yes, coaches are also crucial, but when you play the real match, they cannot help you’. Some wise words from the legend himself!
  1. Ma Long is a true sporting great, his achievements are simply remarkable and has done it with class and modesty. He is now married to his long term girlfriend Xiao Liu and they have a 3 year old son.

Please check out some of his best matches on YouTube!


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