The Legendary German Jorg Rosskopf

The Legendary German Jorg Rosskopf


13 year old Sameer Shaikh was a tortured soul, he was attempting to make 100 F/Hs in a row but kept breaking down in the 90s, once even at 99!! The legendary Jorg Rosskopf was his training partner and rather than becoming frustrated he kept encouraging Sameer and finally the 100 shots were achieved. Jorg then explained what happened next. ‘Once he did that, he relaxed and stopped trying to guide the shot. Result?? The rally continued, and he actually hit 1000 in a row!’ Jorg then caught the ball as his arm couldn’t continue any more!! Jorg tells this story a lot as this helped him understand how important the mental side of the game is!

TTFit have done some research on the great man which we hope you find interesting:

1. Jorg was a top player himself and here are some of his best achievements:

SINGLES: Bronze Medal 1996 Olympics, Gold Medal World Cup in 1998, European Champion 1992 and 4 x National Champion.

DOUBLES WITH STEFFEN FETZNER: World Champions in 1989, Runners Up 1992 Olympics

2. The victory in the World Doubles Championships was a major turning point for Table Tennis in Germany as they upset the seemingly invincible defending champions from China!

3. He was one of 7 great players to compete in the first 5 Olympics since the sport was introduced in 1988. (Persson, Primorac, Saive, Batorfi, Lupulesku, and Waldner were the other 6)

4. Jan-Ove Waldner has openly admitted that he believed Rosskopf to have the best B/H in the world, especially against backspin! Ironically, his last ever competitive shot in the Bundesliga was a B/H winner!!

5. His Olympic Games ¼ final match in 1996 against Kim Taek Soo is still regarded by some to be one of the most exciting contests of all time. Jorg finally won 26/24 in the deciding set and received a standing ovation from the Atlanta crowd! He went on to win the Bronze medal.

6. Germany, under his guidance have developed 2 of the best players in the world in Timo Boll and Dimitrij Ovtcharov. In fact, Rosskopf has admitted he feels Timo has the best receive in the world. Both players have held the # 1 World Ranking at some stage during their careers.

7. Rosskopf was awarded the coveted ITTF Star Coach Award in 2017.

8. Jorg was part of the golden era which included some legendary players and he has openly stated that in his opinion Jan-Ove Waldner ‘The Mozart Of Table Tennis’ is the greatest player ever!

9. He is also a massive Tennis fan and his favourite Sports person of all time is the great Roger Federer! His favourite place to visit is New York and his favourite food is Italian.

10. When asked who is the hardest trainer in the hall he answered with a little humour, or maybe not, ‘Rosskopf, now Filus, Mengel and Franziska!’

We will finish with one of the great man’s favourite sports quotes which all players should strive to do:

‘Live your dream and fight to the end!’




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