The Perfect Training Session

The Perfect Training Session


We have all experienced different emotions through these crazy last few months and sport is one thing that many people have missed greatly. Whether you play or watch sport, the highs and the lows of watching your team, or the individual feeling of winning and losing, these emotions are what keeps many of us sane!

Hopefully, we will get back to some normality soon and we feel it is important that when we resume we start with good habits. Why not begin your first training session with renewed discipline and focus and try to NEVER WASTE A SESSION.

This has to start in the training hall and TTFit have done some research that might help you begin with the ‘PERFECT SESSION’

1. Ensure you have your bag packed neatly. Have sections for your Racquet, water, towel, food and anything else you like to bring. Take time doing this and be proud of how organised you are.

2. Think about the session ahead, look forward to it and appreciate how lucky you are to be playing an exciting sport like Table Tennis. Even try some meditation 5 minutes before you leave the house to free your mind.

3. Arrive at least 10 minutes early and go through a regular warm up session. You should be sweating before you start on the Table.

4. Listen to the coach attentively, show him/her respect and always show good posture when doing this! Don’t be distracted by other group members and never talk to another player during any instruction from the coach.

5. Be coachable, take advantage of your Coaches experience, they know more than you! Soak up their knowledge and leave the coaching to them!

6. Speak to the coach at appropriate times, ask them questions like ‘How can I do better?’ ‘How can I improve my F/H more?’ This shows your coachability, a desire to improve, and most importantly, humility! Most Coaches love this in a player!

7. Complaining and gossip can corrupt any squad so don’t be a part of it! Focus on your own attitude and always show positivity. Give 100% commitment and focus and leave every session with nothing left behind, never, ever be outworked!!

8. Take responsibility for your game and never make excuses, there is time for self reflection when the session is finished.

9. Always make time to thank your Coach at the end of the session, again, with good posture and sincerity.

10. Journal how the session went with questions like, ‘What went well and which parts of your game weren’t so good?’ ‘What do I need to improve on to play better next time?’ etc.

We will finish as usual with one our favourite quotes:

‘The difference between good and great is DISCIPLINE!’

Allen Robson


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