The Szocs Siblings

The Szocs Siblings


The story goes that Mr Szocs was singing in a restaurant somewhere in Romania when he became engaged in a  conversation about Table Tennis with a waitress. She was a wife of a Table Tennis Coach and suggested that their son Hunor take up the game, this is where this beautiful story began!

TTFit have done some research on this famous Table Tennis duo which we hope you like:

Bernadette used to watch and support her big brother when she was younger and was inspired to take the game up because of him!

They both defeated the odds to become ‘Romanian Senior National Champions’ in 2012!

They were coached in Bremen by former Romanian National player Cristian Tamas.

Bernadette Coached Hunor during the 2015 Belgian Open in which he was the runner up!

Hunor reached his highest world ranking of # 61 in March 2018 and Bernadette achieved the European # 1 and World # 14 respective rankings in August 2019.

The two players are extremely close friends and are always ready to spar, coach and support each other. They also try to have fun together, away from Table Tennis.

Bernadette is also a fashion icon and is well known for her modelling, her Instagram following speaks volumes for her popularity around the world!

Hunor became the European Cadet Champion in 2007, defeating the current World ranked #15 German player Patrick Franziska in the final!

Bernadette also loves Tennis and swimming but she has openly admitted her greatest passion away from the Table is modelling and shopping!

Bernadette was once asked who she phones after a big match and replied ‘My boyfriend, my family and my psychologist’. She is well known for the fun side of her personality!

Please check out these two players on YouTube and Bernadette’s Instagram page is well worth a look as well.




Great to get more of an insight about these amazing champions

Having watched them play and achieve so much it is so interesting to find out a little more about their background and their relationship as brither and sister. Very inspiring for all siblings playing competitively!

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