The Winners Mentality

The Winners Mentality


TTFit’s Keith, along with the Sunday Live TT Team of Ryan Jenkins and John Murphy conducted a brilliant interview with the great Jean-Michel Saive yesterday, and the first thing that came across was just what a lovely, genuine guy he is!

The Belgian legend remarkably competed in 7 straight Olympics from 1988 – 2012 and was a European Champion in 1994. Please check out the interview on the TTFit Facebook or YouTube Channel.

Jean-Michel was famous for his fighting spirit and for having what is commonly known as the ‘Winning Mentality’, but how does someone achieve this?

Here are TTFits 10 tips that may help your child/player to achieve a ‘Winning Mentality’.

1. Encourage them to LEARN new skills and praise good attitude and effort, not TALENT or RESULTS. Encourage them to realise why they are playing the game and to always enjoy the practice and matches alike.

2. ‘DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE’, whether it’s from a coach, or other players and parents. Having to live up to reputations can ruin players.

3. Teach them to EMBRACE MISTAKES, otherwise they won’t take the necessary risks required to make it to a high level.

4. Don’t listen to, or MAKE EXCUSES for them. Instead, ask them what they learnt from the experience that will help them next time.

5. Encourage them to KEEP A RECORD of all their training and matches, they can learn something from every session or match but if it’s not captured there and then, its lost!

6. Praise them for focussing on PROCESSES and GOOD HABITS as this will ultimately bring success in the long run.

7. Constantly remind them, especially during any periods of lack of confidence, that FUN is the most important thing. Once this is gone, the likelihood is they will sooner or later walk away from the game

8. Praise: PASSION, DEDICATION, HARD WORK and a GOOD ATTITUDE. Players who love their sport are more likely to be successful than those who just play it.

9. Teach your child NEVER TO GIVE UP, encourage grit, resilience, and to TREAT ALL OPPONENTS WITH THE SAME RESPECT. Teach them to always show positive body language. It’s only the players with a winning mentality can do this when losing!

10. Empower them to grow their game by expecting and welcoming tough challenges ahead.

We’ll finish with one of our favourite quotes

‘Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better, don’t wish for less problems, wish for more skills, don’t wish for less challenge, wish for better preparation’




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