Top Tips to Start Your TT In 2020

Top Tips to Start Your TT In 2020


2019 was an incredible year for Table Tennis and probably the most notable achievement was that of 28 year old Mattias Falck reaching the Final of the World Championships in Budapest. Falck came up short against the legendary Ma Long but he became the first Swedish player to reach this stage since another Table Tennis god, Jan Ove Waldner.

There were other great stories as well, 24 year old Zhai Yujia became the first Danish player to win an International singles title in 15 years and 21 year old Croation Wei Shiao started the Challenge Slovenian Open as a qualifier and went on to win the Tournament!!

Other first time winners were Sweden’s Anton Kallberg who won the Challenge Croatian Open despite being the #32 seed, Japan’s 14 year old wonderkid Miyuu Kihara won the Ladies events and hence became the youngest ever player to secure two international titles since the ITTF World Tour began, and last but certainly not least the popular and magical German Chopper Ruwen Filus won his first international titles in Thailand.

Check out these players when you get a chance!

An incredible 2019 for all the above and well deserved as you don’t achieve success at this level without serious dedication and hard work on and off the table. So, how was 2019 for you as a Table Tennis player? Did you achieve any goals? Did you improve your level? Did you make the most of all your practice sessions and learn from your matches?

The reality is, 97% of players will not reach their potential, yes 97%!!! Why not do all you can to be the 3%?!!

Most players want results quickly and when this doesn’t happen then lack of motivation sets in and it’s all downhill from there. Here are my 5 tips to start on the 3% path:

– Develop good habits
– Enjoy all your training and matches
– Keep a record of all your sessions, matches and key opponents
– Never be outworked
– Never waste a session

We at TTFit are developing an App that will help you achieve all your goals and currently have some brilliant videos. We will be adding exciting features in the near future and our vision is to help all our members become the best players they can be! So many players give so much time and effort to this great sport but ultimately don’t reach their potential ,this can change if you change!!



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