The Hobby Play Myth

The Hobby Play Myth


We have been adding features and developing our App for the last few months and one term that seems to come up constantly is ‘The Hobby Player’.

This has got us thinking, what actually is ‘The Hobby Player’??

Our research and experience has shown us that yes, of course there are players who only play once or twice a week but these players want to improve just like anyone else. There are many Advanced Table Tennis players who were once ‘Hobby Players’ and maybe they changed the way they practiced, or changed coaches or they had more time to play more, or maybe something clicked and they started to believe in themselves.

We realise that Table Tennis is no different to other sports and that the grassroot game will always have the biggest participation numbers but this shouldn’t stop players from playing to their potential!

Our goal is to help all level of players, from Beginner – Advanced and there is nothing stopping all levels of players from using all our features! Our goal is to help everyone reach their potential, whether you play once or twice a week or twice a day. Stats are also great fun and who doesn’t like improving their stats?!!

Here are just 4 of our features that you may or may not be using:


You can tick a box to record which parts of your game let you down and our specially coloured ‘Areas Requiring Most Improvement’ graph will show which parts of your game you specifically need to work on. Then, after 4 matches, our App will provide you with some brilliant exercises that concentrate on these areas.


You can keep a record of all your matches and learn from them. Look back on your wins and losses and reflect on what you could have done differently. When were you happiest on the Table? When were you angry or frustrated? Why did you play so well in some matches and not so well in others? You will also be able to check all your win/losses on the ‘My Statistics Breakdown’ area.


You can now share information with up to 5 mentors, other players or coaches and keep track of things like ‘Short/Long Term Goals, ‘Tournament Schedule’, ‘Key Opponents’, ‘Training Schedule’. You and your confidants can create any Fields you like! You can also upload videos which can be of you playing or even just having fun a an event!! All these features can help you build a much better relationship with your Coach/es


This feature enables a Coach to manage his/her players like never before. You can keep track of their matches, performances, areas they need to improve, all their stats etc. You can build a close relationship with your player/s, show them that you really care about them as people as well as doing all you can to help them improve.

You can change your habits today, start taking more interest in your game and learn from mistakes like never before.

Download the TTFit App today!

If you simply want to be a better player or coach then upgrade to TTFit Pro today!!

Invest into your game for as little as $4 per month.


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