Use TTFit Pro to improve your Table Tennis!

Use TTFit Pro to improve your Table Tennis!


If you are a Table Tennis player or a Coach, no matter what level you play or teach, there is always one goal, to be better or to make your players better.

There is this common illusion that hobby players don’t want to improve. Why? Because they are hobby players!!

Everyone wants to improve!! Why would you play a Sport and not want to be better at it? Yes, the main reason everyone should play sport is to have fun and for the obvious health benefits but we haven’t come across anyone who wouldn’t like to be better at their chosen sport! Also, most people prefer winning to losing!!

The key questions are, how much do you want to be better? How much time and effort are you really prepared to put in? etc, etc.

Our research has found that 97% of players don’t reach their potential because they aren’t willing to put in the time and effort needed or they simply don’t have the time due to their busy lives!

The TTFit team can announce that we have created a PLAYER/COACH PORTAL that if used correctly will improve your game quicker than ever before!!


  1. Know your game inside out, learn from mistakes and become the best player you can be!
  1. Track all your results and learn from them. Our Smart Coach will show which areas of your game need the most improvement and will provide you with the drills to help!
  1. Communicate with your Coach better and gain more information than you have ever had before, all in one App!!

No more text messages, no more WhatsApp, all can be done on the TTFit Player/Coach Portal!

  1. Create your own fields! E.g. Long/Short term goals, Key Opponents, Tournament Planner/Schedule, Trigger Words for matches. You can decide what works best for you!
  1. Take some videos and show them to your Coach. This can be a match or simply a fun video which can help to enhance your Coach/Player relationship!
  1. Keep track of all your training sessions, what you learnt, what you need to work on, what you took away from them. By doing this, you can look back and reflect on all your progress and whether you are coming closer to reaching your goals.
  1. We have created the tools for you to build an incredible relationship with your Coach, and as technology is growing every day, we feel this is the way for your game to advance with it.
  1. You and your Coach will learn more and more about you and your game every day and no training session or match will be wasted.

If you simply want to be a better player or coach then sign up to TTFit Pro today!! Invest into your game for as little as $4 per month.


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