Vitor Ishiy


1. First of all, congratulations on your superb win at the recent Pan American Championships in Paraguay, what were your main highlights?

Thank you, I think I prepared really well for this tournament, especially physically. During the tournament, I gained more confidence after each match I played. It was a big surprise for me to win a Pan American championship, for the first time I could reach quarterfinals and was beating players I haven’t done so before.

2. Also, congratulations on your current ranking of #56 in the World, what main factors do you put this down to?

Thanks! This is amazing for me to be in Top 100 and reach my best ranking for the moment. I just can’t thank everyone enough who has helped me from the beginning until now. This came from a lot of practice in Ochsenhausen, investment to be in Europe and opportunities that people and clubs gave me ( Saint Louis, Ormeau and currently Chartres and São Caetano). Finally, I would like to thank my sponsor Xiom and the Brazilian National Team.

3. Can you tell us about your best experiences when playing in the Pro A French League?

For me, this was an amazing experience to play in one of the best leagues in Europe. It is a good way to improve your level, playing always with strong opponents makes you improve even more.

4. You have a close relationship with Hugo Calderano, can you tell us about any influence he has had in your career?

I think because of Hugo I had a lot of opportunities. In junior time, for example, the Federation started to provide me with funding to play tournaments and to go to training camps in Europe to help me make the team with Hugo. Also, he showed me and other Latin American players that it is possible to become a top world player.

Living with him for 3 years, I could also learn some new interesting ways of thinking.

5. What gives you the most joy from your profession in Table Tennis?

Well, I like a lot this feeling to be the “best version” of myself, so I like to practice a lot to improve. In the match I enjoy the game, trying to find solutions against different players.

6. Do you have any routines and tools to deal with pressure?

Normally I listen to music before my matches to get ready.

7. Do you do anything differently on the ‘Big Points’ e.g.9-9..9-10 etc?

It depends, some matches I try to play safe and in some I feel I have to do something different.

8. What coaching style brings out the best in you?

The one who really wants my best, after that we can improve both together.

9. If you could choose one player to watch, who would it be?

I think J.O Waldner, it’s interesting how he was reading the game.

10. In the current situation with COVID-19 and not being able to access the hall to train how have you managed?

It’s hard to manage it, especially that we don’t know for how long. First of all, we have to take care, and second try to adapt as much as possible and make a lot of physical indoors.

Thanks very much for taking the time to do this interview with TTFit.

Mar 22, 2020

Great Read

Nice to get some more information on this fantastic Brazilian player 👍

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