Vladimir Sidorenko

Vladimir Sidorenko


Today we are delighted to share a quickfire interview with the incredibly personable and charismatic Russian player Vladimir Sidorenko.

The Siberian born 19 year old is one of the brightest prospects in the game and can look back on many fantastic junior achievements including winning the 2018 Spanish Junior Open in which he defeated another young superstar Truls Moregard 4/2 in the final.

Where it all began?

It began in Siberia where I was born. My father was playing Table Tennis, I would say for fun, and he took me to the evening practice with him, so it began at home!

Happiest moment on the table?

When you make a backhand counter spin ha ha!

Most difficult opponents?

I would say Apolonia, Karlberg and Shang Kun.

Favourite Drills/Exercises?

One F/H One B/H and interval training ha ha!

Favourite Tournament?

The European Youth Championships because you are part of a team and it’s always during the summer (on now in Croatia). You spend time with your friends and yes these are nice memories I cherish from my career.

One great tip for aspiring young players?

Great tip is to practice even when you’re tired and don’t feel like it. You have to stand up and go to practice, don’t be lazy, this is the biggest problem!

We would like to thank Vladimir for doing the interview with us and wish him all the very best in the future, please check some of his matches out on YouTube.

Interview By Allen Robson


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