3rd Ball & 5th Ball

3rd Ball & 5th BallClaimed


Two of the most important shots in Table Tennis, the 3rd ball topspin, and the 5th ball topspin.

You can win a lot of points with a good quality 3rd ball attack. You serve, your opponent returns, you attack. If your game plan works out, you win the point on the third ball. Even if you don’t win the point on the third ball, you are likely to be in control of the rally to put the ball away on the 5th or 7th ball.

Exercise variations may include:

  1. Multiball Coach may begin the exercise with a short ball, the use the same ball and push it long.
  2. Multiball coach may block the 5th ball free
  3. Multiball coach may serve the “3rd ball topspin” ball free


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