Chop, Block and Loop

Chop, Block and LoopClaimed


Check out this exercise to help both the defender and the attacker better mix up their shots and play with more consistency.

In this exercise, we have both the attacker and the defender working hard in what we call a shared practice exercise. The principles for both players are very similar where they are mixing attack with defence, which in turn varies the rhythm of play.

  • Attacker Benefits: Generally speaking defenders rely on breaking the attacker down and forcing errors. Therefore it is important that the attacker remains patient and improves shot selection. Most defenders rely on playing at a pace that suits them which enables them to get into a good rhythm.
  • Defender Benefits: The defensive style of play has changed quite a bit in recent years where we see more defenders attack aggressively with their forehand when the opportunity arises. This exercise helps the defender improve their footwork and also helps create an element of surprise by turning on the backhand side to play an aggressive forehand topspin.

  • Variations

    1. Add Service 2. Whenever the attacker topspins down the line to the attacker's forehand wide, then go free.3. After the defender attacks the attacker can decide to block this ball down the line and go free.


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