Defensive Spin Mix

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This defence spin mix exercise is a simple yet very effective exercise for both the attacker and the defender. A “defender” is the term used mainly for players who retreat from the table and use variations of backspin and float to force errors from their opponents. In this exercise, we can see both players working very hard with the attacker mixing heavy topspins aiming towards the backline and mixing it up with less spinny balls dropping slightly shorter over the net. In turn, this means the defender must step in and out accordingly but also must adjust the racket head between a more open racket face and a closed racket face. Often in match scenarios, we can see attackers playing much less spin on their shots to reduce the effect on a pimpled rubber thus potentially setting them up to hit through the following ball much harder. Though this exercise appears simple, you can get a lot out of it in terms of progressing your read on the ball.

Exercise variations:

  1. Add Service
  2. The defender may turn around on the backhand side and re-loop and then go free
  3. The attacker may drop a half long push to the forehand side which the defender can attack and then go into free play
Dec 25, 2019
Very Good

Gain good shot selection

Simple yet effective to improve feeling and control against defence.

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