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This is a very physically demanding advanced table tennis exercise that will improve your general table footwork and fitness. Start the exercise by hitting the ball around 60-70% of your capable speed to ensure that you are able to make a minimum of 6-8 successful forehand topspins. When you get your footwork into rythem you can then increase the speed accordingly.

Duration | Variations | TTFit Challenges

Though TTFit set out exercises for you to try, they are mostly there for inspiration - feel free to deviate and adjust to suit your game better. The most important this is that you give it your best... always.

  • Exercise Duration:

    8mins Each Player
  • Exercise Variations:

    1. With Service2. Play to either the backhand block or the forehand block3. Allow the blocker to play the ball anywhere in the backhand box and in the forehand box
  • TTFit Challenges:

    1. How many times can you get to the Forehand Wide before making a mistake?2. Winning Streak. How many points can you win in a row without forcing the ball or trying to beat your opponent?


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