Flick + Falkenberg

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This exercise is a fantastic footwork exercise & it is very physically demanding and begins with an aggressive flick. It is very good for players who tend to turn on their backhand side to play a forehand. It improves your table coverage from backhand to forehand while keeping the pressure on your opponent.

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Though TTFit set out exercises for you to try, they are mostly there for inspiration - feel free to deviate and adjust to suit your game better. The most important this is that you give it your best... always.

  • Exercise Duration:

    8mins Each Player
  • Exercise Variations:

    1. You may play either backhand flick or forehand flick. 2. After the flick, the attacker may play a backhand topspin from the backhand side before turning. 3. When the attacker aims to play a winner on the last ball cross-court the controller may try to play a re-loop then go into free play.
Oct 11, 2019
Very Good

Work on those FH Footwork Steps

We love this exercise. Simple yet very effective to improve your forehand footwork.

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