Basics Of Movement

Basics Of Movement

Movement Basics : 🕒 85 Mins



This is a session setup to work on the basic movements in Table Tennis and the focus is on the side to side movements more than in and out. To improve fast you need to be able to efficiently move side to side using small and large sidesteps. In this session we want you to focus on these small movements in the “Warm Up” veering into large movements in our three suggested movement drills.

What to expect

✔ Great exercises to work on side to side movement.

✔ Building consistency on both forehand and backhand topspin.

✔ Focus on holding the rally.


✔ Improve basic footwork

✔ Improve Consistency

✔ Improve fitness and concentration

Warmup + 3 Exercises + Challenge

Coaches/Players remember the focus here should be on the consistency, and once the consistency level has improved then you may increase the speed and tempo of the rallies. Lots of balls on the table is key to help with basic movement.

Warmup – Our warm up will be approximately 15 minutes with 5min basic forehands (cross), 5min basic backhands (cross) follower by 5min touch/touch – we encourage small, active & energetic steps here to get you or your players going faster!

Please ensure a physical warm up prior to starting to get the blood flowing.

Challenge / Competition

We feel by finishing with some “competition” you get good energy towards the end and we suggest a simple challenge that works on basic movement.

  1. One side is “Backhand Controller” and the other “Forehand Attacker”
  2. You play simple feed in with little spin to get points going with “Attacker” keeping ball in controllers Backhand side and the “Controller” keeping the ball in “Attackers Forehand Side”
  3. Play top table* (with a group) or sets (first to 11 points) for individuals – making sure both players get a chance to be attacker and controller.
  4. Normal game with simple feed with players winning points as attacker or controller but you can not win on serve or first return – everything else is fine.

* Top Table – Simple game for groups where you start to play competition and the coach calls “CHANGE” and winners move up and losers move down. If you have players that are equal in points then you play a “Sudden Death” point!