Focus On The Middle

Focus On The Middle

Focus On The Middle



Modern Table Tennis has become alot about holding the middle of the table and also knowing when to use forehand and backhand. We see many more pros are now using backhand in the middle and this session will allow you to experiment and train this option. This is a session for two players working on footwork, consistency (keeping many on the table) and high energy.

What to expect

✔ Focus On Playing From Mid Table

✔ Creating Space Either Side Of Middle Line

✔ Important The Elbow Stays Out From Body


✔ More Confidence Playing From Middle

✔ Experiment Playing Forehand / Backhand From Middle

✔ Improve Footwork To Create Space To Play Middle Ball

Warmup + 3 Exercises + Challenge

Learning to play from Mid-table is very important for players of levels and we have to focus on this area to improve our overall game. Modern table tennis has seen backhand being played further up and even past the middle line so players must get used to trying these exercises.

*Top Tip* When playing from the middle you need to create space for your elbow so that it’s not camped allowing the playing arm to swing. As a coach/player you must also focus on taking little adjustment steps to create good space to play forehand or backhand.

Warmup (15 Mins) – Start with a warmup playing Fh / Fh diagonal and Bh / Bh diagonal – mainly focusing on consistency and getting our feet moving from the very start.

Training Exercises (45 Mins) – First exercises are shared and the next two taking them in turn to be the controller. No partner? These can also be set up with multi-ball or even on the robot – get creative!

Challenge (20 Mins) Make it “competitive” and use the exercise “Backhand Middle Recovery” play two sets to 11 points taking one set each to be the controller. For higher-level players, everything goes including the serve and first receive and even making the payer doing the exercise play into the backhand box! For beginner/intermediates maybe don’t include counting serve or receive mistakes.