Regular Footwork + 3rd Ball Forehand

Regular Footwork + 3rd Ball Forehand

Regular Footwork



This session is approx 90 minutes long that focuses on good footwork whilst incorporating service in the third exercise.

What to expect

✔ Focus on Footwork & Consistency

✔ Improving the transition between Forehand & Backhand

✔ Improve 3rd ball attack whilst recovering to cover Forehand box with Forehand topspin.


✔ Better footwork

✔ Using small and large movements to do these exercises

✔ Improve 3rd ball attack on Forehand

Warmup + 3 Exercises + Challenge

Start the session with a focus on hitting the ball 70/80% but with a mindset to get yourself in good positions to hit each ball. From the table warm-up & first exercises (Two-Two) try to make 3/4 sets of each exercise to build repetition.

*Top Tip* As this training session is based around Footwork we feel that when we move between backhand and forehand the movement needs to flow – moving first and hitting the ball second. When this happens it means you are stable on the ground and then can use your legs and body turn to help create more quality on each ball.

Warmup (15 Mins) – Start with a warmup playing Fh / Fh diagonal and Bh / Bh diagonal – mainly focusing on consistency and getting our feet moving from the very start.

Training Exercises (45 Mins) –

Two-Two – Controller starts with good feeling / keeping the ball on the table to let their partner build up consistency. As mentioned, start with lower speed playing at 70/80% giving yourself/player time to work on good technique when moving.

Reverse Grubba – This exercise also brings in a middle Forehand ball so you will work on smaller movements between Fh wide & middle into larger movements between Forehand wide and Backhand. Very popular drill for top players to make quick transitions between Forehand and Backhand.

Serve + Half Table Forehand – Server starts with a quality serve (low/short) that forces the receiver to make a weaker return like a match situation. Take time on the third attack and make sure to use legs and body to spin up and then quickly recover to play the following topspin. For more advanced players the controller can integrate a counter topspin in after ball 4/5/6 (pick the weaker ball to make counter!)

No partner? These can also be set up with multi-ball or even on the robot – get creative!

Challenge (20 Mins) Make it “competitive” and use the third exercise (Serve + half table forehand) and play sets of these exercises. You play two serves each like a normal match only sticking to exercise sequence.

For higher-level play within the boxes and if the ball goes the wrong box the point is lost.